Carb Up for Health


Thoughts Are Real….

One of my pet peeves is how people always seem to complain about things. Health, Money, Weather, Family, Traffic, Food ,Wifi connection. I mean, come on… Really.?

Almost half the world lives on $2.50 per day. We are all so fortunate and all have reason to be grateful for many things in our lives, if we only focus on the positive. Thoughts are real and to the extent that you complain about anything, you are bringing negative vibes into your live.

Be Grateful and humble always and be amazed at how well your days will flow.

Peace and Love, -Steve


No Problem.


It’s Not Rocket Science, Folks !

So it seems we’re in the middle of another so-called flu season and it’s time to be scared of yet something else. I’ll be 66 years old this year and as a β€œsenior citizen”, I guess I’m at risk, and yet I never get the flu or ever get colds or even headaches. Why is this? I believe that if your immune system is strong, your body will make sure you’re always healthy and that begins with diet and attitude. The seasonal flu season begins in mid November or so when we all start hitting the holiday parties and hanging out with friends and family and usually blowing our well intentioned healthy eating habits. Your immune system responds by making you sick. We are also conditioned to get sick in the winter months and so we do. I remember back in the day when I ate the standard American diet, I just knew I’d get the flu for at least a week every December and sure enough, I did! So, diet and attitude will keep you well. I also practice what they call cold/hot shower therapy to boost my immune system and it works.… Also, please do your research and stay away from those flu shots. They are nothing but poison and will indeed short circuit your immune system. Thanks for watching .