Upcoming Interview~~Rick Pearce

Hi everyone, I’ve got exciting news for you this morning.
I ran into one of my best Westside buds here in Southern California at the gym the other day and he agreed to do a short video interview here with me.
Rick Pearce is one of the most interesting people I’ve ever known has a life story that reads like a movie. In the 70’s , Rick lead the way in Venice beach by establishing the first vegetarian restaurant there at the time on the famous Ocean Front Walk . The MeatlessMesshall quickly became a local health destination.

Today RP is a well known and respected personal trainer for seniors , specializing in sarcopenia , which is the wasting away of muscle mass as we age. He is the founder of the Strength for Life Foundation
I’ll have this interview out in the next week or so , so stay tuned. In the meantime, you can find Rick on FB at: and YouTube here. You won’t believe how old this guy is. Leading by example, Rick walks the talk. Be sure to check out his performance on the first ever reality tTVshow back in the 50’s .



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